and join us in the TEA REVOLUTION

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New Leaf Tea Tasters is a new, innovative tea retailer based in the beautiful English Lake District.

Our aim is to introduce our customers to the taste experience that loose leaf teas offer. Whether a regular tea drinker looking for something new, or a complete newcomer to tea drinking, there is a vast range of teas out there and to decide on something different, can be a daunting task. 

Iced tea is becoming increasingly popular, but which teas make the best Iced Tea?  
Here at New Leaf Tea Tasters we have done the hard work for you, to make it easy for you to decide which types of tea, are your cup of tea. 
Our enthusiasm and passion for tea has enabled us to develop our own range of themed tea chests. Each chest contains 3 pouches of fine loose tea.  

So when you fancy a different cuppa, all you need to do is lift out your New Leaf Tea Tasters tea chest from the cupboard and off you go.

New Leaf Tea Tasters Tea Chests also make a unique gift for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement and Christmas. And what about those times when we send flowers, because we can't think of what else to send? The gift of tea is a thoughtful alternative for a get well present, to celebrate the birth of a child, or just to tell someone, 

were thinking of you

All our teas are also available to buy individually in 50g and 100g caddies and refill pouches.

ALL TEAS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM MEMBER ORGANISATIONS OF THE ETHICAL TEAS PARTNERSHIP The Ethical Teas Partnership is similar to Fair Trade but with a focus on tea.