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We are proud of our products and customer service here at New Leaf Tea Tasters but we also appreciate that we are not infallible. We want to be the first to know if something isn’t just right. So we encourage our customers to contact us if they experience any problems with our goods or service, so that we can put things right immediately.
As we are a young company and eager to succeed, we would also welcome any positive feedback or suggestions, so that we can continue to get it right. 

Or if you are looking for a particular tea or tea related product that isn't available on our website as yet, then please let us know, as we are always looking for new ideas to develop our product range. 

Your comments, good or otherwise will be greatly appreciated and will help us to ensure that 
New Leaf Tea Tasters continue to improve it’s commitment to enhancing your tea drinking experience.

ALL TEAS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM MEMBER ORGANISATIONS OF THE ETHICAL TEAS PARTNERSHIP The Ethical Teas Partnership is similar to Fair Trade but with a focus on tea.