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T-sacs are the NEW LEAF tea tasters preferred method for making a perfect cup, mug or pot of loose leaf tea.

They are specially designed to allow loose leaf tea to infuse.

  • The tea leaves remain contained in the T-sac.
  • You can make up a tea bag anytime with your chosen tea as and when you need it, just add water as instructed.
  • When your tea has infused for the desired length of time, remove your T-sac and discard. 

No mess and no waste. Your T-sac and it's contents can be composted because they are fully biodegradable.

Box of 100 T-sacs £4.50 


ALL TEAS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM MEMBER ORGANISATIONS OF THE ETHICAL TEAS PARTNERSHIP The Ethical Teas Partnership is similar to Fair Trade but with a focus on tea.