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When you need an affordable treat for yourself, family or friends in these days of austerity, the NEW LEAF tea tasters Tea Chest will provide that little something special.

Hand painted, stencilled and carefully filled with your choice of delicious, loose leaf teas.

A NEW LEAF tea tasters Tea Chest is a perfect gift for any tea lover. 

The gift of tea, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Each chest will have three tea pouches containing 50g/2ozs of three different loose-leaf teas, for you to sample and enjoy and is designed to sit along side your favourite branded teas, to pull out of the cupboard when you fancy something a little different. 

These are the tea tasters. Each Tea Chest will be themed, so keep checking the website as new products become available. We want to take away the confusion of choosing a different tea to try and also of how to store it properly. Of course you will need to know how to make a cup of tea and full instructions will be included on the pouches.

Also included in the Tea Chest will be 30 size 2 Tsacs. These will allow you to make a nice cup of tea in a cup, mug or teapot by adjusting the amount of tea you need to suit your taste and also allowing you to remove the T-sac when the tea has brewed sufficiently to your liking. The other advantage being that there is no hassle washing out the loose leaves.

New Leaf tea tasters sell mainly tea which is derived from tea plants (camellia sinensis) but we understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So we have also developed Tea Tasters Tea Chests with a variety of decaf, fruit and Herbal tisanes.

When the time comes to refill your tea chests, then browse our tea pages, where you can order refill pouches to replace the tea you have enjoyed, or try a tea you've never had before. 

 All NEW LEAF tea tasters Tea Chests are £15.99

Beginners Tea Chest 1

1. Black Lovers Leap

2. Green Pinhead Gunpowder

3. White Pai Mu Tan.

Beginners Tea Chest 2

1. Black Darjeeling

2. Green Japanese Sencha

3. Oolong Iron Goddess

Flavoured Green Tea Chest 

1. Gunpowder Mint

2. Jasmine Blossom

3. Genmaicha

Flavoured Black Tea Chest 

1. Rose Congou

2. Apricot and Peach

3. Mocha Chai

Black Tea Chest 1 

1. Darjeeling

2. Lovers leap

3. Nonsuch Nilgiri 

Black Tea Chest 2

1. Kosabei

2. Assam

3. Keemun Gold

Greenish Tea Chest 

1. Oolong

2. Gunpowder

3. Japan Sencha

Decaff' Tea Chest 

1. Decaff' Sencha

2. Decaff' Irish

3. Decaff' Courtlodge

Herbal Tisane Tea Chest

1. Rooibos

2. More Zest

3. Camomile & Mint

Indian Tea Chest

1. Assam

2. Margaret's Hope Darjeeling

3. Nonsuch Nilgiri 

Green Tea Chest

1. Gunpowder

2. Japan Sencha

3. Congou Mau Jia

The Others Tea Chest 

1. Oolong

2. Pu-erh

3. Mai Pu Tan

Morning, Noon & Night Tea Chest

1. Irish Breakfast

2. Gunpowder Green

3. Jasmine Blossom

Traditional Blend Tea Chest 

1. Earl Grey

2. English breakfast

3. English Royal Tea

Tea Tasters Choice Tea Chest

1. Gun Powder green Tea     

    with Mint

2. Keemun Gold

3. Jasmine Blossom

Rooibos Tea Chest 

1. Rooibos

2. Zesty Lemon Rooibos

3. Earl Grey Rooibos

Your Choice Tea Chest

Browse our tea pages and select three teas of your own choice. Please type the name of your three teas in the box as per example and add to your shopping cart. 

(eg: Oolong/Gunpowder/Rooibos)

My three teas

ALL TEAS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM MEMBER ORGANISATIONS OF THE ETHICAL TEAS PARTNERSHIP The Ethical Teas Partnership is similar to Fair Trade but with a focus on tea.