At New Leaf tea tasters we aim to compliment the Tea revolution that is emerging in the wake of the 1990's coffee explosion, which continues to dominate café society today.

You can't move on the high street without coming across one or more of the global coffee and respite providers, who offer a splendid selection of speciality coffees...but can you get a decent cup of tea?

Our aim is to bring a new culture of tea drinking to the high street and the home because we believe that when it comes to High Tea or Afternoon Tea the tea is the thing!

Our goal is to bring the phrase ‘What a lovely Cuppa’ back to the high street café and influence cafe society, to see that a good cup of tea doesn't come from a mass produced tea bag, but from a good quality loose leaf tea, in a tea pot, infuser or a freshly made to order tea bag.

Why loose leaf tea?  Where tea in mass-manufactured tea bags is cut very finely to enable the tea to infuse quickly, loose leaf teas are made from the complete leaf and therefore retain their natural oils, flavour and tannins, which all makes for a delicious cup of tea. 

Unlike everyday tea bags, which loose their flavour when kept in the cupboard, loose leaf teas keep their flavour for considerably longer. Ideal for those special teas, that you might only drink occasionally.

So if you’ve tried different tea bags and been disappointed, join us by "turning over a New Leaf" and we will introduce you to the taste sensations of the big loose leaf tea world, that is there to be discovered. Teas from countries around the world, including India, Japan, China, Kenya and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). 

So that you can enjoy the quality of taste and freshness in your own home, you can buy our teas in 50g or 100g caddies or refill pouches online here at www.newleafteatasters.co.uk.

If you are looking for an original gift, or a newcomer to tea drinking and need a helping hand to discover the wide range of loose leaf teas that are available, we have developed the New Leaf tea tasters Tea Chests, which contain three different varieties of loose leaf tea for you to sample and enjoy.     

And for the health conscious tea drinker, who is usually limited to a menu of mass-manufactured, decaf, camomile or peppermint strung tea bags, we have a wonderful selection of loose leaf Tisanes and decaf teas for you to choose from.


We are aiming to make headway into the high street, by introducing and helping tea shops, cafes and hotels, develop their own bespoke tea menus that will compliment the range of refreshments they already serve.

If you have enjoyed a hearty breakfast, snack, lovely meal or even afternoon tea in a favourite place, only to be disappointed by the range or quality of the teas they serve, let us know where they are and then we can contact them and offer our bespoke menu services.

ALL TEAS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED FROM MEMBER ORGANISATIONS OF THE ETHICAL TEAS PARTNERSHIP The Ethical Teas Partnership is similar to Fair Trade but with a focus on tea.